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Bespoke Facials with Claire, our Advanced Skin Specialist

Every client is unique and your treatment plan will be unique too. We always start with a consultation to assess your goals and lifestyle, then together we'll create the most suitable treatment for you. 

Whether you decide upon the occasional facial treatment or commit to more advanced services, we have you covered with various approaches available in the clinic to achieve your best skin potential. Having an advanced clinical treatment gives you results which you could not otherwise achieve at home. Often, if you have a particular skin concern or goal in mind, we recommended that you book a course of treatments, and incorporate home care as advised by our specialist.

Skin Consultation & Analysis:

30 minutes £25.00 (which will be deducted from the cost of a future treatment)

Claire will spend time with you to discuss your skin concerns and take a complete, holistic approach to help you on your skin health journey.

Skin Consultation & Analysis:

90 minutes £90.00 (£25 of which will be deducted from the cost of a future treatment)

As above but includes a bespoke facial. This is the preferred introductory treatment as it really allows Claire to work closely with you and start to fully understand your skin.

Traditional Facials:

TLC Classic Facial

55 minutes £65.00

This classic facial is designed to promote cell turnover to bring back your glow. Claire will create a bespoke treatment based on your skin needs and it's a great starting point for your skin journey.

TLC Signature Facial

75 minutes £90.00

An indulgent, tailored facial that includes therapeutic massage to plump and firm your skin. Claire uses a beautiful vitamin C infusion which delivers antioxidants to bring back your glow. We recommend this rejuvenating facial once a month, as it will enhance the way in which your home products penetrate your skin, giving you even better results.

TLC Clinical Facial

90 minutes £125.00

This advanced treatment combines our Signature Facial with a combination of LED and pHformula clinical resurfacing, delivering outstanding results.

TLC Teen Skin Lab

45 minutes £45.00

Designed for younger skin, at school/college/uni age. A bespoke treatment to calm, deep clean and hydrate the ever changing teenage skin, which may include a gentle enzyme peel. Extractions are optional but often recommended. Dermalux LED is included. Get to take home three professional grade product samples to carry on the good work.

Advanced Clinical Resurfacing Treatments:

(Please note, if the neck and décolletage are to be treated, this is considered an add on and will be charged accordingly at £35).

pHformula Signature Resurfacing Facial

60 minutes £95.00

This professional treatment delivers a dual approach to hydration and resurfacing, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated. This mild yet effective resurfacing treatment is formulated with a combination of salicylic acid and retinol to assist in superficial exfoliation and cell renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines whilst plumping and firming the skin. This is a fantastic introduction to resurfacing.

A.G.E. Resurfacing

35 minutes £85.00

Active and effective resurfacing solutions for the treatment of typical signs of ageing, pigment changes, dull, sallow skin appearance and superficial and medium expression lines.

M.E.L.A. Resurfacing

35 minutes £85.00

Powerful hyperpigmentation treatment to reduce the accumulation of pigment, best taken as a course where we can gradually increase the level of acids to achieve a greater result.

A.C.N.E. Resurfacing

35 minutes £85.00

Active solutions effectively penetrate the pores to assist in dissolving built up impactions of sebum. This anti-inflammatory treatment truly helps to normalise problematic skin types. A course is also recommended for long term skin health.

C.R. Resurfacing

50 minutes £90.00

An active and effective complete restoration complex for chronic redness and rosacea prone skin. Specifically formulated with anti-microbial activity to help reduce redness and prevent relapses. This service includes 20 minutes of Dermalux LED to accelerate healing.

TCA Touch Medical Peel

pHformula uses a unique delivery complex which transports the TCA molecules into deeper skin layers allowing the active ingredients to work within the skin rather than damaging the surface. This complex allows this amazing formula to work its magic but without the downtime other TCA peels bring. This results in intense stimulation and cell renewal with excellent skin tolerance and effectiveness. One to three sessions are recommended at four to six weekly intervals.


Dermalux LED Red Carpet Facial

45 minutes £75.00

Suitable for all skin types, this pHformula facial incorporates both a hyaluronic acid gel mask and a vitamin C infusion treatment, to deliver superior hydration. LED is proven to accelerate healing and rejuvenation at a cellular level, allowing your skin to benefit from a boost of collagen within the dermal layers.

"Knowledge is knowing that acids peel the skin ... Wisdom is applying acids that do not peel, but rebuild the skin"

Petru van Zyl, founder pHFormula

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