Permanent Hair Reduction

"Super professional and friendly staff, would recommend this treatment to anyone - 5/5."  Mr Wilson, Milton Keynes

Permanent Hair Reduction


Imagine being free of unwanted hair. No more shaving, plucking, messy waxing or ingrown hairs! Laser hair removal makes all this possible. We offer a permanent hair reduction treatment for most areas of the face and body. With prices starting from £35, it may be more affordable than you think.


The treatment works by light being selectively absorbed by melanin, the pigment in the hair follicle. The light energy heats the pigment and effectively destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding cells. 


Most people are suitable for treatment, however, we cannot treat suntanned skin. Best results are often achieved with clients who have fair skin and dark hair (a "contrast"). Treatment sensation is often described as a "flick of an elastic band" but is usually tolerated well and most people say it's preferable to waxing! Hair needs to be shaved for treatment (no longer than 1mm in length) and treated hairs shed within one to three weeks whilst the epidermis renews.


Only hair that is actively growing is affected and therefore multiple treatments are needed, typically six or more for optimum results. Treatments are conducted every four to eight weeks, depending upon the area treated. 


A full consultation and patch test are carried out prior to treatment.


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