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Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal with Clearer Ears Northampton

This important service will be carried out by Jackie, a qualified Nurse of 30 years. Jackie is fully qualified and insured and will use micro-suction, irrigation or a combination of both. She is also able to to carry out foreign body removal i.e. bits from hearing aids, AirPods or cotton bud ends etc. 

Micro-suction is widely regarded as the safest method of removing earwax and skin build up. Your ears will naturally discharge wax, they are in effect, self-cleaning. However, some people have narrow ear canals which means it's harder to clear. A microscope is used throughout the process, so you can be assured that the safety of this service is of the utmost importance.

Say goodbye to hearing loss and muffled sounds, blocked ears can also cause a feeling of fullness in the ear, tinnitus or dizziness; you'll be amazed at how this simple procedure can enhance your quality of life.

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