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ScreenCancer UK Mole Checks


ScreenCancer UK Mole Checks


We are very excited to have teamed up with ScreenCancer UK to offer this important nurse-led service.


Around 15,400 people are diagnosed with melanoma in the UK each year and this number has increased by almost half over the last decade. The incidence of malignant melanoma has risen faster than any other common cancer in the UK. Whilst we don't aim to scare, early detection is vital and we have designed our mole check service with this in mind.

When you arrive for your appointment, our nurse Louise will ask you some general health questions to find out about your family history, skin type etc. Once the consultation is complete, Louise will take two photos using a specialist camera called a Dermatascope. These photos and your details will be sent directly to ScreenCancer UK where their dermatology specialists will analyse accordingly.

For normal pigmented lesions/moles, you will receive a report either by SMS, email or post within one week. No further follow up will be made.

For a suspicious lesion/mole, you will be telephoned direct by a ScreenCancer UK nurse, who will advise you of the specialist's report, what to do next and the level of urgency required.

For a highly suspicious lesion/mole, you will also be telephoned direct by a ScreenCancer UK nurse, who will advise you to make an urgent appointment to visit your GP, for referral to a specialist.

Both suspicious and highly suspicious lesions/moles will warrant a follow up from ScreenCancer UK three to six months later, for feedback on treatment and confirmation of diagnosis.

The cost for one lesion/mole is £65 and £20 for additional moles scanned in the same consultation (up to four in total).

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