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"My family thought I'd had liposuction! Very pleased, I can really tell by how my clothes fit!"

Mrs White, Dunstable


LipoContrast Duo Body Contouring


Are you struggling to get rid of stubborn fat? Then look no further!

80% of results are visible within 28 days and up to 33% of fat is removed in just one treatment. The LipoContrast Duo could be the answer to your concerns about how to lose fat quickly and safely, without having to resort to surgery.

Fat, or adipose tissue is found underneath the skin; subcutaneous fat. It has been discovered that fat cells are more susceptible to cold than skin, nerves and muscle. By cooling stubborn areas of fat, we can permanently eliminate them via natural processes.

LipoContrast is unique in its heat-freeze-heat cycles. Did you know that the cooling phase is 40 minutes at 3oC? Due to heating pre cooling and post cooling, it is not necessary to freeze to lower temperatures which many other devices do.

This triple thermal shock allows LipoContrast to be more comfortable, safer and with less downtime (usually very little), be more effective and with faster results. Available to help both men and women lose areas of fat permanently with just one hour of treatment and the beauty of having the Duo is we can treat one to two areas simultaneously. We recommend one to three treatments monthly to see best results and with prices starting from £145 (£165 for two areas), it may be more affordable than you think.


A full consultation is carried out prior to treatment.

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