Tattoo Removal

"I was extremely pleased, I would definitely recommend to others unhappy with their tattoos."  Miss Tomkins, Ampthill

Tattoo Removal


At TLC we operate one of the best tattoo removal systems in the UK!


Active Q-Switch Lasers generate a high powered beam of laser light in an extremely short pulse which is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, breaking them down into smaller pieces, enabling your natural immune defences to disperse the ink. A gradual fading of the tattoo occurs over a series of treatments.


The quick pulse of light is passed over the tattoo and an audible "clicking" noise is heard as the ink particles shatter. The area may be a little red and swollen, however, is normal for this treatment and it usually settles within a few days. Blisters can occur, particularly if colours are being treated and these should be allowed to heal naturally. Most people find the treatment mildly uncomfortable, not unlike having a tattoo and tolerate it well. A cooling device can be used throughout and some clients find that a numbing cream applied a few hours before can help.


The number of treatments required varies considerably. If it is an amateur tattoo, we have seen them go in one session but can take up to six. If it is a professional tattoo, these can take more, usually between six to twelve sessions and sometimes up to 15. Black/dark tattoos are usually the most straightforward and we can remove purple/red/orange. We are unable to remove green and blue ink which is not usually an issue if you have a cover-up in mind.


Some clients like the idea of tattoos, however, have had a regretted one in the past.  We can also offer "reduction" i.e. fade the tattoo in order not to compromise on a cover-up. The process is the same, however, usually less treatments are required.

We are also able to remove semi-permanent make up (SMPU). This may be tattoed/


Treatments are spaced at six to eight weekly intervals and with prices starting from £50 per session, removing an unwanted tattoo may not be as expensive as you think!


A full consultation and patch test are carried out prior to treatment.


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