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"I was extremely pleased, I would definitely recommend to others unhappy with their tattoos."
Miss Tomkins, Ampthill


Tattoo Removal


At TLC we operate one of the best tattoo removal systems in the UK!


Using our Active Q-Switch laser, we can achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. The laser generates a high-powered beam of laser light in an extremely short pulse (a nanosecond, which is a billionth of a second!) This shatters the ink particles, breaking them down into smaller pieces, enabling your natural immune defences to disperse the ink. The tattoo fades gradually over a course of treatments.

Most people tolerate the treatment well. We have a cooling system which can make treatments more comfortable and some clients use numbing cream in advance, which we can discuss during your consultation. It's usually very quick and whilst there can be swelling, bruising, tenderness and a risk of blistering - particularly if colours are being treated, this is a very tried, trusted and safe method of removal.

The number of treatments required varies considerably. We've seen amateur tattoos go in one session, whereas a professional tattoo usually between six to 12 sessions, sometimes more. Black tattoos are usually the most straightforward and we can remove purple/red/orange/pink. We are unable to remove green and blue ink.


Another popular option is tattoo reduction where we fade the tattoo to allow a cover-up. The process is the same, although fewer treatments are usually required. It leaves the skin in good condition so there's no need to compromise on the design of your new ink!

We ask clients to leave a minimum of eight weeks between sessions to allow your clever body to work to disperse the ink. We'll also advise you on how to care for the treatment area at the time of booking. The minimum charge is £45 and treatments are priced according to the size of area to be treated.

A full consultation and patch test are carried out prior to treatment. Please be aware that we can't treat suntanned skin.

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