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Where it all began ...

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

This is going back over 10 years ago now and Toddington Laser Clinic really came about due to my sister and nephew being tattoo artists, great ones at that, check out Slimshader Tattoo Studio! A friend of hers (a fellow tattooist) said "lasers are the future, you need to diversify!" and so we did and TLC was born!

He went on to recommend Lynton Lasers as being the best of the best (and there weren't many cheap imports from China at this time!), so for the price of a very expensive car, we invested (in the best of the best) and then spent the next 7 months filling in paperwork in order to become CQC registered which was a requirement at the time. So, with the equivalent legislation needed to open a small hospital or nursing home, we finally opened our doors on the 9th August 2010. The industry was then deregulated 2 months later!

However, we still continue to practice to the high standards set out in the very beginning. I will never forget those first few weeks waiting for the phone to ring after placing our ad in the local paper and from our listing in Yellow Pages (this was pre social media days) but it did, slowly at first but surely, it did.

We are still so grateful that we invested in such a good laser as ultimately, being results driven it has made the business what it is today. We still go on to only invest in the absolute best equipment for our clients.

Verity x

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